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Revolution v4.0 + old versions
Saturday, 17 June 2006
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Revolution v4.0 + old versions
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'so it begins' v1.0

Revolution started on: 03/20/2006 3:47 AM

BodyGuard Proudly Presents: "REVOLUTION" Monster Pack




MP is heavy modded everything is changed & unlocked etc....


- Total Space: 9MB,
- Used  Space: 7.5MB,
- Free  Space: 1.5MB

- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.48R
- Flex: BG_Revolution48R_V1.0
- DSP : 623BAB0
- Quand Band GSM

Language Pack:
- Magic_Font: English, Serbian, BrazilianPT, German, French (Tnx to spoof for font)

2.8 with advanced feautures:
- 1000 song limit
- Beatiful 'BlueTunes' skin edited by me
- autoplay call resume
- sms alarm up to 4 sim cards (read "iTunes SMS alarm activation.txt" to learn how to activate that future)
- you need to edit your pds if you want to transfer iTunes music via iTunes6 PC... or you can upload music manualy to B/mobile/audio & run java application motoTunes included in MP!

iTunes Skin
Light Player:
- Nice skin special for my MP's
- Good alternative sound player (for those who don't like iTunes)

2 boot loaders:
- First normal default boot loader "*"+"#"+"red button"
- Second special 07.D0 boot loader that can work even if battery is low you!
- You can run special boot loader holding "Green" button & pressing Two times "RED" Button

boot screen:
- nice pink boot screen wallpaper (by tasty_boy, tnx bro)

DRM graphic:
- DRM MIX by me (few good DRM's mixed up)

- AVision (3x3 skin with own icons)
- Moto-symbian White (3x3 skins with own icons)
- Aqua 2006 (3x3 skin with own icons)

Startup&Shutdown anim&sound:
- animation based on revolution between E398 & E1 ROKR - by me
- Sound based on Moby - matrix theme.mp3 - by me

- 15 wallpapers
- 2 screen savers
- 12 MP3's
- a lot of midi's
- 1 Video (kanye west-touch the sky)

15 java 'programs'
- Dictaphone, GlobalTime, iPhone Explorer, J2mim, JBenchmark2, LightPlayer, mig33, motoTunes, Opera Mini-eng, Opera Mini-pt, ReadManiac, Students Calculator, Tapewatch, Timers
4 java games
- CyberBlood,LMA Manager 2006, VirusHorror, X-Men Legends II

Gain Table & Vibe Files:
- Very, ultra cool gain_table by sysmaster (tnx bro)
- + mine extra low vibe files
- = perfect loud & clear sound with great bass :) Best sound ever!


- You don't wanna do Master Clear or Master Reset Trust me!!! :>
- Right stick, HomeKey is set as VideoCamera & it's not workin - please go to settings/personalise/home screen/home keys/Right & put any other shorcut!
- your standby time showinng e.g. "11:30 WM" insteed of "11:30 PM" - please go to settings/intial setup/time & date & change time from am/pm to 24hr!
- you can't write letters you have some issue or black boxes - please while you in message or any  editor  press menu/entry setup/ & choose any other Tap or iTap!

This is just small things that you can do by yourself & they will be fixed in next versions... tnx



- Tasty_boy    (Big Credits for a lot of stuffs...)
- Sysmaster           (for gain_table)
- Vilco                     (for dual_boot)
- Yorvi                    (for info about patching dual_boot)
- philipetrov           (for cleaning up memory & iTunes stuffs )
.......... & all others who on some ways helped me to make this master piece :)

& oh yeah download links :D

Phone E398:
With iTunes: Click here

No iTunes: Click here

Phone ROKR E1: Click here

tnx "aze2learn" for patching it :)

I done my job!!!
now it's your job to flash this & enjoy in beauty :)

By BodyGuard <!--[if !vml]-->   Cool<!--[endif]-->

MP is dedicated to my ex-president of SiCG "Slobodan Milosevic"! Rest in Peace!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 April 2007 )
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