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Revolution v4.0 + old versions
Saturday, 17 June 2006
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Revolution v4.0 + old versions
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'here we go again' v3.0
Revolution going on again: 04/24/2006 3:07 PM

BodyGuard & lucazz PROUDLY presents: REVOLUTION Moto-iPod v3.0


Afther flashing v3.0 please download
23.05.2006 Revolution v3.0 UPDATE

click here to download
or here
(it will fix some bugs in 0032 seem & it will improve sound & album artwork)


This time story is different .... now is Revolution beetween Motorola & iPOD
& lucazz helped me a lot with design & multimedia & other stuff.... so yea we are maded MP together!!!


 iGrey skinRoad Skin

 iTunes skinRevolution

here is what we changed from v2.0 to v3.0 ;)


- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.48R
- Flex: Revolution_Moto-iPod_v3.0
- DSP : 623BAB0
- Quand Band GSM

- Total Space:~9.3MB, Used  Space: ~8.3MB,  Free  Space: ~1MB

Smart key, Voice key, Voice Commands, Itunes Lights
-Button at left side is set as Voice Key.. so you can use it for Voice
Dial, Voice Recording & Voice Commands
Make some shorcut .. go to tools/shorcuts/ edit that shorcut you will
see new Voice Shorcut future... edit it .. than you can run voice
comand pressing Menu + Voice key button
-Camera key at Right side is set to Smart key & as camera..
So when you are in iTunes Hide mode.. if you press camera..
you will get iTunes Light show
- T-mobile button is set as iTunes
(good for people who have that button)

Language Pack:
(Digital font)
why only that 3 languages ? because they are most used.... & MP is
faster with less languages... (sorry  I could't put SERBIAN language ..
cause it can't work with this font)

-iTunes 16.04.2006
(newest iTunes at the moment with all advanced features & nice
main/ishell skin) when you are in iTunes press "0" zero button &
you will enter iShell Read itunes sms alarm instruction.txt for
how to activate sms alarm..
If you don't like iTunes just delete it with Motomidman
& use

2 boot loaders: - First normal default boot loader "*"+"#"+"red button" -
Second special 07.D0 boot loader that can work even if battery is low!
- You can run special boot loader holding "Green" button & pressing
Two times "
RED" Button
This is awesome future... you can Charge your battery in duall boot!!!
& you can always flash with this Bootloader!

Boot screen:
-New nice bootscreen (iPOD based)

Startup&Shutdown anim&sound:
- new animation/sounds (Moto-iPod based)

-iGrey DRM (little edit Transparent icons)

0iGrey (3x3 menu), tnx MotoToxa
Road (1x1 menu), tnx Andrey89
Motosymbian-iTunes (3x3 menu)  tnx Euk
(little edit in iTunes HIDE mode & some other edits)

-wallpapers (18 wp)
-animations (2 cool animation)
-sounds (13 mp3 ringtones)
-Videos (Akon ft. obie trice - snitch, Fergie with ROKR)

Global time, Alarm Clock, Irecorder, mig33, Opera Mini,
Phone Manager, Readmaniac, ROKR LightPlayer, Students calculator,
Tapewatch, WL irc 2 beta.

2006 reall footbal, Autobahn racer, Bounce Back, Flexis kryak,
mission impossible III, Pinball

Gain Table:
-Sysmaster Gain Table with NEW ULTRA, ULTRA,
ULTRA low vibe files :) (now sound is even better)

SIM cards:
You should be able now to change Sim card & you will not lose
Messages stored on phone
(not tested)

Page cannot be displayed
You should be able to browse wap pages in Moto Browser..
(not tested)
if you still have problem with WAP pages.. use Opera Mini

Known Bug's so far: - You don't wanna do Master Clear or
Master Reset Trust me!!! :> (tested :D)
-The most of Bugs from v2.0 are fixed in v3.0 !!!

-MotoToxa (for wonderfull iGrey skin & iGrey DRM)
-Andrey89 ([i]for ROAD skin) -
(for motosymbian-iTune skin)
-collaps & maxyn ([i]for iTunes & ishell skin)
-girithaara (for some some Wallpaper & helping in design..
many you are PRO ;) )
-Zra, fearsim, bobzila, EXP... (thank you guys for a lot
of stuff & design lucazz ;) )

& all crew from momo, hofo, motofan, supertrub. sity...
& other great comunities :)
& all other who in some way helped to creation
of this amazing MP :)


Phone E398:
Click here
or here

Phone ROKR E1:
Click here

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