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Software Mod by Elektro255 0.4a4
Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Software Mod by Elektro255 for Motorola E398:

Changelog 0.4a3 - 0.4a4:
- fixed fullscreen clock (display timeout) bug when SMS arrived
- SMS report turned ON on new message
- more folders in OBEX via BT
- removed unused folders from TransFlash
- Java have access to system files
- increased iTap user dictionary size
- no delete incall on SIM replace
- Bluetooth time changed to 3 minutes
- reordered camera store menu (store only is
- SMS alert is using default ringtone
Changelog 0.4a2 - 0.4a3:
- new updater that changes CG1 only and does not affect the flex
- fixed red button backlight control
- fixed display timeout exit backlight control
- if files srs.bin, set.bin not exists software will create
- volume-bar sound can be turned on/off
- multiple menu structures
- updated low battery alert (now vibe and depend on ring is working)
- added some methods in Java
- some patches are aplied
Changelog 0.4a - 0.4a2:
- 4xR and 7xR MIX (use with 4xR flex)
- unlimited Video recording
- extra menu (shortcut *1 [shortcut is only for testing later will be changed])
- new Java methods
- settings are stored on files
- all known bugs are fixed
Changelog 0.3 - 0.4a:
- all 79R advantages (full video recording, new UIS engine)
- keypad automatic lock
- low battery alarm can be turned off or depend on ring style.
- Scheduled Ring Styles (ring style and funlight style can change automatically on given time and week day)
- flashlight shortcut (##)
- automatic menu enter, without sim card (emergency calls working too)
- access to settings of new features
- no simlock checking
- new Java methods
- turned off Java permissions, corelet signs and certificates
- Java have access to system files
- settings are stored on files
- replaced engineering menu with Elektro Mod menu
Changelog 0.2f - 0.3:
- Fixed function to turn on/turn off fast menu access
- Firmware based from StarterXP MP
- FULL SW access from Java
- LUMA&CHROMA moved to memory. Now you can change jpeg compression from Java
- StarterXP flex
- Added dualboot
- If you have PDS_4013 flasher will no recreate this
- Changing splash screen
- changing font (you can use *.fnt or *.smg CG4 files)
- You can turn on, turn off menu access without sim cart
- Changing my shortcuts
- New mothod in Java library ASM jump (JMP)
- (79R only) Added buttons what making patches for FlashBackup
- (79R only) Have all functions from 49R, and unlimited video recording from 79R
Changelog 0.2b - 0.2f:
- Fixed bug with mainmenu access in java aplets
- Now kyeypad autolock working full stable
- Fast menu access without SIM card by pressing *5
- Fixed bug with flashlight (when writing SMS flashalight will no turn on)
- New java plugin in MV to change extra feauters settings
- New flex (updated MV, only stable skins, 178 SMS storage, unlimited calls history...)
- SW now is tested and it is full stable
Changelog 0.1b - 0.2b:
- Sw more stable.
- Fixed alarm.
- Fixed shutdown restarts.
- Flashlight ## as shortcut - you can push ## in any time.
- Pres *# to open mainmenu without sim cart. (only tests - very unstable)
- Fixed problem with old MidMan.
- Autolock will be unstable after turn on phone but later will work stable.
- Flex - modified MotoSymbian 1.5b.
- Synerj plugin in MV by Tim2005.
- SW can work little slower.
- Some changes in Flasher

Download Version 0.4a4

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