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Enlightenment 42R
Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Enlightenment 2E42R
See it clear, hear it live!*

Welcome to Enlightenment Project, the best way to get started. This package has been designed to bring the best out of your E398 hardware. The package details have been included below. Don’t stay back…

It’s worth giving a life to your Moto 

The Package:

1. The firmware R373_G_0E.30.42R
2. Flashbackup 2.62
3. This guide.

What’s inside?

 Motorola E398    Motorola E398

4 Skins
25 Wallpapers
22 Sound Files
Essential seem edits
Useful tips (notes)
Essential java Apps

Custom Boot/Start-up/Shut-down graphics:

Motorola E398    Motorola E398


1. Firmware: R373_G_0E.30.42R
2. DSP: 623BAB00
3. Gaintable: Dimensions (Edited)
4. Tri-Band
5. Language 2E (English/Español)
6. iTunes G4 (With Media Viewer Plug-in)
7. LP Handel Gothic with English/Español and iTap support.
8. Generic 07D Boot loader.
9. Essential Java utilities (all freeware)
10. 23 Mp3 tones and 25 Wallpapers

Motorola E398

Download HERE


1. Please charge your phone and make a complete backup with flashBackup
2. Use MultiFlexFlash (MFF), “PST.exe” or RSDLite to flash it to your phone.
3. If you’re experiencing any problem regarding the flashing process or anything else, please report it at the support forum: Motomodders

Motorola E398

* This phrase does not necessarily mean that the phone produces CD like quality sound or it stands parallel to a mega pixel camera. It denotes the comparable difference between this firmware and the rest in use as of today. Built on Thursday 21st September 2006. I express my thanks towards all the helpful members of the Motomodders community, without them this wouldn’t have been realized. Support forum at motomodders. I shall not be held responsible if flashing this firmware kills the target subscriber unit.

Motorola E398

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