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Digital Liquid 46R for E398 & E1
Sunday, 08 October 2006

Motorola E398 

- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.46R
- Flex: Digital Liquid (R373_G_0E.30.48R_GSKKLG0T675AU0A3_ROKR)
- DSP : 623BAB0
- Technology: Quand Band GSM

-battery life is optimised very good & it should last longer (depends on your hardware)

Video Camera
-camera quality is improved a little, also speed of camera

-I modded it till max it's very fast with all usefull futures activated

- Total Space: ~9.2MB, Used  Space: ~7.6MB, Free  Space: ~1.6MB

Language Pack:
R373_Eng_BrPort_Esp_Fra_(Simpsons font by  marshall_warner)

Motorola E398

iTunes: -iTunes + iShell + MediaViewer + 4 Plugins... & UNLOAD menu!!
-unlimited songs capacity
-and all other cool features ^^

4 Plug-ins:
* SMS Sender
* Clock (i've changed it to English sounds)
* Compass
* Timer/Stop Watch

Smart key, Voice key, Voice Commands, Itunes Lights:

-Button at left side is set as Voice Key.. so you can use it for Voice Dial, Voice Recording & Voice Command
Make some schorcut .. go to tools/shorcuts/ edit that shorcut you will see new Voice Shorcut future... edit it .. than you can run voice comand pressing Menu + Voice key button
Camera key at Right side is set to Smart key & as camera..
So when you are in iTunes Hide mode.. if you press camera.. you will get iTunes Light show
note* you can't edit smart key in settings/personalise/home screen/smart key/
... because it's set Like I told & it's working fine with iTunes lights..
T-mobile button is set as iTunes (good for people who have that button)

2 boot loaders:
- First normal default boot loader "*"+"#"+"red button"
- Second special 07.D0 boot loader that can work even if battery is low you can run special boot loader holding 1sec. "RED Button" Than pressing "GREEN Button"
T.T. Technology
With changed font by BlinK_ & changed background image by BG


I am sorry to say but the bootscreen quality is not as on the computer...please forgive me in this...if u want change it yourself

Startup&Shutdown anim&sound:

Cool Starup and shutdown animation by sidmagnet

Motorola E398

DRM: New Digital Liquid DRM by Sidmagnet

Motorola E398

Skins :

-XyMoto (3x4 menu) By xitiz7728
-iCarbon (1x1 menu) by IvanChe
-Trance Effect (1x1 menu) by sidmagnet
-Ocean Rotator (1x1 menu) By IvanChe
-Club Pulse (1x1 menu) by sidmagnet & xitiz7728


12 wallpapers
2  screensavers
8 cool sounds
0 videos

Games & Applications:
-A lot of good freeware applications... 16 most usefull apps
-There are no games

-Digital Power Sound v1 by sidmagnet

New features:
-Funlight with "Groove" light as real Flashlight...
-now you can Volume Up/down videos/sounds in multimeda.. without Entering Files..
so just go to e.g. Multimedia/sounds/ don't enter files & try to volume up/down..
- you can change sim cards without loosing messages on phone
-offline ISP settings are added to IM.. so it depends from your network .. maybe you can now make work on your phone IM, ICQ, yahoo msn.. etc but you must experiment alone & put that futures in menu...
-wap is working perfectly
-voice shorcuts

-it will be 46R without dualboot & without bootscreen
-all others is same in e398 & in ROKR MP..

ROKR MP coming very soon !!

-whatch what are you flashing .. download E398 MP for flashing E398 phone... download ROKR MP for flashing ROKR Phone... Don't make mistake ^^
-Flashed successfully with FlashBackup 3.. I recomended it with FB 3 ..
but it shouldn't be problem with RSD LIte & MFF

Known Bug's so far:

*HEEEEEEELP My ringtones doesn't working... I can't put mp3's as ringtone... what should I do ??
-you need to delete 2 *.DB files located in a/mobile/audio/ & restart your phone
or do it using p2ktools & press FIX MELODY DB ... or with p2kadvanced editor ...

*Help My iTunes doesn't working .. where are my songs?
-you screwed up your iTunesDB ..
now iTunes reading songs from B/mobile/audio/ ...
if you want to synchro with iTunes PC..
you need to delete your iTunes folder from trans-flash .. /b/iTunes/
than you can start all over again...


-marshall_warner   (LP font..thanks alot mate!)
-DX Factor  ( made the original simpsons font for v3 ...thnx alot bro)
-alokinljivos  ( helped me with DRM  ...thnx bro)
-zra   ( taught me everything i know in skinnign ^_^)
-xitiz7728         (thanks for help Club Pulse skin and iCarbon... man you are awesome..your design rocks!)
-cash7c3           (alot of stuff...thank you pal!)
-SharkExE          (for testing all skins and reporting bugs...thanks alot my Russian friend!)
-gayoe             (for letting ivan to use his icons for Ocean Rotator skin)
-Body Guard        (alot of stuff...thank you bro'!)
& all crew from momo,No linking, supertrubka, motofan, howardforums... & other great comunities
& all other who in some way helped to creation of this amazing MP
sorry If we missed somebody...

And Finally the links ^_^

E398 version

Download E398 version HERE

or E1 ROKR version HERE

Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 April 2007 )
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