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Fullscreen pictures without Java
Saturday, 22 July 2006

Tutorial of how to see fullscreen pictures without using Java application

1. Open your favourite skin with skinner4moto.
2. Go to menu "Structure" and look at the top right large list with functions.
3. Go to id-15, row-31 where it writes "big icon of highlighted item of..." and look at the three submenus that will appear at the bottom list.
4. Now edit the first row-32 (it shows "first line" on the J column), remove the checkbox "lock" and do the follwoing:
"left" - 0
"right" - 176
"top" - 0
"bottom" - 220
"width" - 176
"height" – 220
Now you have fullscreen picture. However it is good to continue in order to remove some annoying bugs:
5. Click on the other two rows and delete them using "delete element" at the top
6. Go to row-27 and do the same that you did on steps 4. and 5.
7. Save teh skin and try it.

So what's up: when you go to Multimedia>Pictures you will see fullscreen pictures instead of thumbnails (well they will be thumbnails, but in fullscreen). Enjoy

Big thanks to Parus who made the tutorial in Russian!

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