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Engineering Menu (FEM) guide
Wednesday, 28 June 2006
FEM (Engineering Menu) Guide by Cristiano 7

FEM list:
Cell Management
-Cell Sticker
--Target ARFCN: off/on
-Cell Change Warning
--Message: off/on
--Tone: off/on
-CBA: normal/inverted/ignored

Net. Messaging
-Paging: normal/ignored
-L3 Messages Filter

Field Test Status
-Availability: FTS/off/SBCM/Other
-Cell Change Warning
--Message: off/on
--Tone: off/on
-Edit Favorites
-Edit Visibles
-Debug Info

Information Viewers
--4)00010a00 08.17
--3)00010e00 08.17
--2)00010a00 08.17
--1)00010a00 08.17

Phone Capabilities
-Gp Auto Attach: off/on
-DSM: Allowed/Core Wait Allowed/Forbidden

Data Calls
-Level 1
-Level 2
-Level 3
-Level 4

-Cell Managment-

Cell Sticker- That makes the Phone stick to it's current cell untill no signal is available from it.

Target ARFCN- ARFCN(Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number) Is the Channel you want on a particular cell.

Cell Change Warning- Notifies you when you change from cell to cell (ie tower to tower or transmitter to transmitter) Usually changing from the 850 transmitter on cing to the 1900 transmitter on ATT will give you a cell change bleep as well.

>>Message - displays a message on the screen when the cell has changed

>>Tone - does the alert beep when the cell changes

CBA- Cell Bar Access, This changes the access list for cells so that you can't access certain ones (basically roaming partnersor bad cells ) you can leave the list as programmed or invert the list (changes list so normal cells are blocked and blocked are only ones available) and ignored just lets you hop on any cell you want. I've yet to see if the sim card overrides this.

-Net. Messaging

Paging- Messages are sent to a phone when a channel becomes full or a cell becomes loaded telling the phone to switch to another channel or tower. If ignored you will stay on the same channel and tower because the phone doesn't know any better.

L3 Messages Filter- When an L3 Message is sent from the tower if it is not exactly 16 bits in length the phone should be set to filter it out. If allowed to pass the channel info could be corrupted. To understand this one you must first understand GSM Basically There are 3 layers L1 L2 L3

>>>Layer 1 - This is the physical layer basically it transmits all the infomation.

>>>Layer 2- This is the link layer, basically it conditions the signal,ie error checking channel monitoring and handoffs.

>>>Layer 3- This is the network layer which establishes maintains and terminates the channel.

Field Test Status

-Availability- Turns access to the field test system on or off. (SBCM i'm not sure what that one means though)

-Cell Change Warning- Same As before, Notification of cell changes through message or alert tone.

Edit Favorites- You can store favorite screens in the Field Test System - In here you can add or delete them.

Edit Visibles- This lets you edit which screens and what information is visible in the FTS screen.

Debug Info- Self Explanitory

Information Viewers
-Panics- Basically every time your phone locks up or crashes it's stored as a panic, it even gives the diagnostic error code for the motorola techs to diagnose.

* quote:
* --4)00010a00 08.17
--3)00010e00 08.17
--2)00010a00 08.17
--1)00010a00 08.17

Basically your phone crashed 4 times on S/W ending in 08.17

Phone Capabilities

-MS Op. Mode: B/CGSM/CGPRS - This is basically the Mode of transmission for your phone IE CGSM(voice) CGPRS(Data) and B for both. Basically unless you have an issue with talking or using data i'd leave it on both.

-Gp Auto Attach: off/on - This is the GPRS Auto Attach If turned off you have to manually initiate the GPRS connection with the towers. If not It automatically initiates the connection when registering with the cell.

-DSM: Allowed/Core Wait Allowed/Forbidden - This is the cool one DSM is Deep Sleep Mode- It allows it, Allows only the core wait (processor Halt) and Forbids it. basically if your phone goes into DSM all that's powered is the Radio Transmitter listening for signal. If it gets a call it powers the phone back up and rings. This also coincidentally is the feature that if people with the v551 white screen problem would turn to forbid it should fix it. They would get lower battery life but it should work. No guarantees there.

Data Calls-

Lvl 1-4 - Not sure on that one, my guess would be the timeslots used by the GPRS section 1-4 timeslots??
Last Updated ( Friday, 30 June 2006 )
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