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How to change fonts in your langpack
Saturday, 24 June 2006

25.06.2006 - NEW! Alternatively to ISE209 you can now use English program called BinaryEditor which have very similar interface and functionality. Download it HERE

Original tutorial:

First of all BIG BIG thanks of farsh_Cannabis for the great tutorial. Since the required software is in russian - I made screenshots in addition 

1. Start SHXCodec by Puper

2. Open and split your langpacl

3. The langpack will be parsed as nameCG#.smg. Get CG4 – that's the langpack. Copy this file to separate place for editting.

4. Start the freeware ISE209 by aleXXoft and open the langpack with it. Please also visit the website of the creator at

Motorola E398

Motorola E398

5. On the black and white picture using Page Down you can go to the straight bottom

6. Follow the menu Size > Choose size.

Motorola E398

Width (first text field) set at 8, and height (the second) as you wish, but best is 17.
Then go to Inverse (negative) as shown on the picture
For convenience zoom 8 times also

Motorola E398

7. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard you can position your cursor so you can view the actual letters (they will show on screen). The letters are doubled - normal and changed. The normal letters are for messages and texts and the changed are for buttons (softkeys etc). Some special letters (W w Д Ж Ф Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ю д ж ф ш щ ъ ы ю) change their width to 16 instead of 8 and that will make them look bad on the current view size (but now you know how to change it.

8. Now go to Edit > Edit image. Here it is self explanatory - it's like MSPaint :)

Motorola E398

9. Go back to Edit > Edit image and click "Yes" (which means to save the file).

10. When you are ready with all letters just close the program (it already saved the changes), Langpack is ready! Now just remove the old smg and add the new one with SHXCodec and compile new SHX.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 June 2006 )
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