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ROKR owners: how to flash E398 MP
Friday, 19 May 2006

This is not for E398 users - for Motorola ROKR phones only. A great finding by aze2learn

Many Motorola ROKR owners want to try those flashy and great MP built for E398@ROKR but unable to do so. So, aze2learn compiled a special reflash that will enable ROKR owners to use any E398@ROKR MP on your ROKR (MP makers, take note below)

All you need to do is :
1) flash any E398@ROKR MP built on 4xR firmware (you will get a SIG ERR after the phone reboots)
2) At this point your phone WILL NOT WORK. No problem - go to bootloader by pressing * + # + red button together
3) flash the phone again with THIS file
This file is based on 48R and contains CG1,CG3,CG7 and CG18 (with fix for SIG ERR on dualboot).

NOTE : For MP makers, you can extract this with shxcodec and replace the ramdownloader, CG1 and CG18 into your MP to make it ROKR enabled (48R only, other than 48R, need to replace CG3 too ... the DSP is 623BAB00)

Additional note : this reflash will not change the LP and DRM

Warning : Do not use this fix for 6xR or 7xR. Their flex is incompatible with 4xR series!

Enjoy !

Last Updated ( Sunday, 22 October 2006 )
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