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How to edit DRM graphics
Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Before you start reading (you must read everything first before doing anything), let me remind you of the following things:

1. Please do not blame me if you so happen to damage your phone by following this manual. You are responsible for what you do to your phone; 2. I am in no way encouraging you to change your DRM icons as it has dire consequences but also as not to limit you of your own “personal enjoyment”; 3. This is not an official manual as this is based on my own experience.

i. PREPARATIONS You need the following installed:

a. P2K Drivers for your system (I’m using Win XP SP2). If you have installed and used any P2K programs without problem accessing your phone, then good. They can be found in the download's section.

b. SHXCODEC application. You know where to get it. c. Flashbackup 2.5 (This is the version I’m using).

Don’t ask me where to get it. Search at Googles or ask somebody who had it at the forums.


-Before you do anything, you must backup your files. This is not the scope of my tutorial so look for some other tutorials, okay.

-It is important also to keep multiple copies of your MP (Monsterpack) where you will acquire the DRM.

-See to it that under USB settings, you have chosen Data/Fax Application and not Memory Card.


iii. DOUBLECHECK That’s what I’m trying to say – doublecheck everything.

Everything ok? Then let’s start.



Step 1. Make a folder named SHXCODEC on your harddisk.

Step 2. Unzip all the files from the SHXCODEC zipped file you have downloaded into this folder.

Step 3. Now copy everything you need inside the SHXCODEC.

They are…

a. the Monsterpack you are using now (It should have an SHX extension, right?)

b. the new icons you are going to use (for example, video camera unselected which is 33x33 pixels and video camera selected which is 41x41 pixels).

Step 4. Now run SHXCODEC. Click on the folder icon opposite “Source SHX File” and choose the MP from the current SHXCODEC folder It should display as follows: Then press OPEN.

Step 5. After pressing OPEN, it will look like below. Press the button “SPLIT FILE” as shown:

Step 6. Now it should look like the picture below. (At this moment you might say, “AHA! So this is how they make their MP’s” with a sly grin. Snap it! We have one purpose here!) Next is to look for the line containing the word DRM. It’s shown below:

Step 7. Then while selecting the DRM, press the EDIT button as shown below:

Step 8. After pressing EDIT you will be seeing another window this time it says “DRM graphics”. Next is to press the OPEN button.

Step 9. Now this next step is the best step of all because this is the time you can choose the icons that needs to be changed especially the video camera, itunes, and USB settings.(also battery, etc…)

SOME THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT ICONS: a. Remember that some icons are in different sizes and they are not ordinary ICO files but GIF. If you will choose different image formats, SHXCODEC will not allow it or you might leave your phone with a blank DRM or it might not start at all!

b. Be careful when choosing the “selected” icons over the “unselected” ones. “Unselected” MENU icons are sized at 33x33 pixels and static; while “Selected” MENU icons are sized at 41x41 and animated.

c. Some skins like the motoskin which have large “Unselected” menu icons might have different sizes for its icons. I do not cover it here.

Now on to step 9. On the window before you, you can see numbers starting from 1 up to thousands. Each numbers represent a GIF that is found inside the DRM. Click on a number and you see a preview of the selected icon at the right. All you need to do is to find the GIFs you are going to replace. Just choose a GIF, then click on REPLACE. Do it for every icon/picture you want changed. After doing all changes, press SAVE CHANGES. Again, please be careful as you might replace something with the wrong one!

Here’s a good note for looking for the icons you needed to change. By the way, for the rest of the icons, look for it yourself.Now if you’re wondering why some icons (#695 up to #1386) do not display, don’t worry it is normal.


Step 10. Whew! If the Save is done, then press the button MAKE *.SHX as shown:

NOTE: If something goes wrong, then you might have not COPIED THE MP file to the SHXCODEC folder as previously explained. The program will look for the necessary RAMdownloader which should be identical to the name of the SHX file. If you change the name of the Saved file, it won’t see the Ramdownloader. You can only change the name to something like “MY FAVORITE DRM” if you have already compiled it to an SHX file.

Step 11. If the Save is done, close SHXCODEC. Now, run Flashbackup 2.5.

Click on Flasher, then choose the SHX you have created on the SHXCODEC folder.

Note that the SHX file should automatically have the word “CG15” at the end. That’s the identifier for DRM. Note also that the only code group shown to be flashed is the “Graphics (DRM)” as shown.

Step 12. The last STEP. NOW IS THE TIME TO CONNECT YOUR PHONE. As soon as it says, “Your Phone is connected”, PRESS FLASH.

You can sit back for a while and sip a hot coffee while waiting for the flash to be done. In about 4 minutes, the flash is over. Close Flashbackup, Disconnect your phone and Restart. Enjoy your new DRM.

If everything crashed, you have your backup. Just flash with a good DRM. Sadly, that is STEP 13.

By the way, if you might wonder why I do not use SHXCODEC to flash, well, I'm just comfortable with Flashbackup.

In case of errata on this tutorial, I always stand to be corrected so pls PM me or whatever.



DRM MAP by Nitrocs:

17 - Browser start splash
18 - java splash
31 - play button
32 - pause button
33 - stop button
34 - rewind button
35 - fastfoward button
83 - media control base
111 - "extras" menu anim
179 - BT(ROKR E2)
208 - java active icon (???)
218 - TF card menu icon
225 - SMS icon (373_70R)
253 - contact type "fax"
254 - contact type "home"
255 - contact type "mobile"
256 - contact type "pager"
258 - contact type "work"
259 - contact type "main"
282 - engineering icon
288 - camera menu anim
329 - battery empty
330 - battery charging empty
331 - batter 1 bar
332 - battery charging 1 bar
333 - battery 2 bar
334 - battery charging 2 bar
335 - battery full
336 - battery charging full
337 thru 362 - calculator buttons
387 - GPRS secure packet icon
388 - GPRS unsecure packet icon
389 - gprs attached icon
391 - call in progress icon
392 - line 1 icon
393 - line 2 icon
394 - SMS icon (ROKR E2)
404 - GPRS ready icon
407 - data activity icon
411 - signal 1 bar
412 - signal 2 bar
413 - signal 3 bar
414 - signal 4 bar
415 - signal 5 bar
416 - ring/vibe icon
418 - ring silent icon
431 - video camera menu anim
450 thru 453 - data transfer anim
457 - java active icon (???)
473 - roam icon
487 - SMS read list icon
492 - SMS sent list icon
584 - SMS sending anim
685 - BT(373_70R)

1398 - SMS w/ attachment
1500 - mobile qq splash
1552 - EDGE icon
1580 - USB menu anim
1591 - SMS sending in progress menu icon
1840 - OBEYMEMOTO splash

updated 2/27

icon = small graphic, typically in top status bar unless otherwise noted
menu anim = these are the generic ones I have seen to be standard in most MPs

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 June 2006 )
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