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How do I backup my phone
Saturday, 18 February 2006

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You MUST backup EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE FIRST.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP FOR ANY REASON.  To get started, turn your phone off and take your TransFlash card out if you have one.  You have to remove the battery and take it out the same way you would remove your SIM card.  You can leave your SIM card in if you wish, it makes no difference.

Backing up images/ringtones/video:  

  • Turn your phone on, and make sure under "USB settings" that "data/fax connection" is selected NOT "memory card".  The location of USB settings varies depends on firmware, it may be under settings or under the connections menu.
  • If you don't have a USB settings menu just ignore that step, the phone should default to data/fax
  • Run P2KTools, and plug your phone in.  
  • Make sure the large button on the top left is set to P2K mode NOT AT mode.  
  • Windows should detect the phone in normal (AT mode) then switch it to P2K mode automatically for you.  This might take 30 seconds or so to do.  
  • Once this has been done you can "connected" 
  • Hit the refresh button to gain a list of files.  
  • Browse to /c/mobile
  • Inside the folder here you will find any saved pictures/audio, selected the ones you want to save and hit the Download button

Backing up your websessions file

You will want to make a backup of this if you have setup WAP/GPRS from your provider, otherwise you will need to contact them to retrieve your settings.
  • Using the method above, browse to /a/ and find the file Websession (no extensions)
  • Download it somewhere you wont forget

Backing up your contacts

If you have any contacts stored on your phone, you will want to back these up first.  Any stored on your SIM card will be untouched by the flashing procedure.  Note that P2KTools sometimes gets confused when you have multiple entries with the same name (but different number types).  If you want to be 100% sure you wont lose your phonebook make a hard copy of the numbers on paper.
  • Disconnect your phone if plugged in
  • Open P2KTools and switch to AT mode
  • Wait until you see "connected" in the bottom left
  • Switch to PhoneBook and hit Read
  • Hit Backup and save the .csv somewhere

Backing up your SMS Messages

  • Using the same method as above, open P2KTools in AT Mode
  • Hit the SMS button and select the message you want to save
  • Save the .txt file somewhere

Backing up your current phone firmware



  • Disconnect your phone from your computer if it's plugged in
  • Ensure your phone is set to Data/Fax under USB settings if you have this option
  • Run FlashBackup
  • In the setup tab, choose a folder to store your backups in
  • Go to the Backups tab, choose Full Backup and 32MB
  • Plug your phone into USB port and wait until you see Connected on the bottom left
  • Press create, and wait for the process to complete, which may take 10-30 minutes.
  • If you get asked for drivers at any stage here, tell Windows to search for drivers in the directory you have installed Motorola PST to.

At this point the screen on your phone may have garbled text or lines down it.  Don't worry, this is normal and will fix itself when you restart the phone.

  • Wait until FlashBackup has done it's magic and compressed the backup
  • Browse to the folder you selected earlier
  • Find the .fbp that was created. Also there may be a .dsc file
  • Copy these files somewhere as a backup, along with anything else you have already backed up (phone book, pictures etc), maybe burn them to a CD, upload them to the web or store them on a USB flash drive.  Just don't lose them!
  • Now, repeat the process as above but choose PDS Backup
  • Again,  repeat the process but choose Bootloader Backup
Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 June 2006 )
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