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Embrace Emoditions.Lux by esakarim
Thursday, 01 October 2009

This Pack for E398/ROKR E1 with BL 07.D0
CG1    ----->   R373_EMBRACE.49R base on R373_G_0E.30.49R
CG2    ----->   embrace_luxury.09  base  on GIKKLGO000AA0B
CG3    ----->   6237D700
CG4    ----->   002E only 1 font (Verdana Font)
CG15  ----->    White roKr Signal

Fiture :
ELF's build with libgen 6.5 by macho alocated on /a elf and /c elf
Customez mma_ucp mma_dcp structure
Skin  : Ophone, RedEssencev2, iPhone Qx, Xpression 17
JAVA  : Eng - Indo Dictionary/Mini Commander
        Opermani/eBuddy memorUp Standart Editions

Be carefull on ELF access, go with right procedure for avoid reboot,
if ELFRunner not work don't be panics check on /a elf>ElfRunner.cfg
if its lost,I backup on /c elf, just copy from Explorer to /a elf
and than restart u'r phone.

I make date.elf English version on this pack,
u can use it change default date.elf on /a elf

Download HERE


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Last Updated ( Friday, 02 October 2009 )
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