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BG Rokr 42R
Sunday, 19 February 2006

Why? Because this MP is based on russian R373_G_0E.30.42R firmware..
You can flash this MP from "any" E398 phone....You just must have 07.D0 BootLoader!
This MP can make your dead phones to live again!

You will love this MP it's fast, fast, fast & fast!!!
Flex is heavy changed ... afcourse now is better!
Total Space 6MB, free space 3MB!!! (if you see sometimes somewhere more total space, that's becase memory is fragmented....)

-100+ seems/offsets/bits edited (now phone is better)....
-unhiden all hiden stuffs (enginering, airplane, voice rec.....)
-unbranded menu
-12icons menu
-removed crapp
-added moto2005+maxell+motoskins+windowsxp+form+hardblue
-all skins wallpapers maded by myself
-quad band enabled
-added 20+pictures, 1 video, 20+ javas, some sounds...
-deleted websesions
-New DRM graphic with cool blue look
-002E LP + Serbian Language
-Idle screen is fixed
-in audio player "Hide" button is working without bugs
-Backlight is set to: 5,10,20 sec. (20 default)
-DTMF is set to Long
-Video styles in Video recording are enabled
-new startup&down anim&sound
-motomixer isn't included because useless
-left smart key is asigned to voice recording

& many many other fixes....I cant remember all stufs, I'm very tired.......

Only Problem is: "iTunes is not suported in this platform" You can fix it & have 100songs iTunes working! To fix iTunes to work on your phone you will must to edit your "PDS"... It isn't so easy.... so if you don't know how to do that then use "LightPlayer" or audio player.....



Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 May 2006 )
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