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ETernity Beta
Sunday, 19 February 2006

This tread is maded specially for ETernity Beta tasters!

post your comments, bugs, experiments in the MotoModders forum

Please carefully choose what to post!!

the MAIN thing on this beta is that it a 6FR based on amazing 4XR sound and with the V360 DRM

this is the beta to test the FW it self,the flex is empty(all most) so i will put a new wallpaper/pic/anim/games/skins

also if thars some bugs please post them here so i will fix them!

don't forget that this is the -BETA-(!

Moto V360 DRM made by Ajak !
Sound's by  "Vesod" site
Pic by WarezFaw site
Benhouli for the Fast download link
All the skins makers
"Pocket Israel" For all your Support guys
MM-HFO-MOTOFAN for all the help in seem edit
Big Tnx for all the MP Modders that made all of the ROKR MP's ,i'v learned from them a lot!

give also all your suggest for the Full ETernity MP.

Download HERE

tasted with MFF and RSD Lite 2.3

you'll get an error it's Fine,just torn on your phone...

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