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Most Wanted 6FR
Sunday, 19 February 2006

it's based on  6fr flash/flex
& on NFS MostWanted most popular racing game on the world

You will love this MP it's faster than BMW Lolz

Orginal  6fr moto stock Flex is heavy changed ...
Total Space 6000kb, free space 600kb!!!

-unhiden all hiden stuffs (enginering, airplane, voice rec.....)
-unbranded menu
-9icons menu (because nfs skin.. & it's cooler to change it to have 9icons....)
-removed crapp
-added new skins: nfs mostwanted, razrOS, moto symbian blue 1.2, new year use this to enable quad band
-added 30+pictures, 1 video, 20+ javas, 13mp3's...
-deleted websesions
-New adrenaline DRM graphic from rvr MP
-00BG LP with digital font: English, Rusian, brazilian portugues, franc, espanol, german
-in audio player "Hide" button is working without bugs
-Video styles in Video recording are enabled
-new startup&down anim&sound... startup I recieved it from EXP a long time ago...
-motomixer isn't included because useless
-left smart key is asigned to iTunes... it can be changed in personalise/home screen

& many many other fixes....I cant remember all stufs, I'm very tired I must go format 2HDD x 120GB & install windows crap again.......

The major thing ... it's that this MP looks COOL & have great multimedia from MostWanted  & I Think other mp creators should make mp's like this... e.g.: Juventus MP ... mp for Juventus funs


note: I tested it only with my phone.. with MFF, PST 7.2.3... It was flashed to the end & when mff was veryfing checksums in 99% it says flashFailed...
But don't worry all is working good... flashing code groups are going fine...
I think this error is something because my pc... or because my edited 00BG LP...

Download HERE

The Coolest thing to enter in new year with hell of the good MP
GoodLuck&Have Fun
Motorola E398 is the best phone ever!

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