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BabyViper is born 6FR
Sunday, 19 February 2006
Information about this MP:

S/w: R373_.G_.0E.30.6FR

DRM using R373-BG MP1
Startup Animation with Prince of Persia "babyVIPER"
Startup sound using' Warrior Within Soundtrack
Shutdown anime and sound usin' rokrVIPER made by TomeQ

The Speed is great (but not as fast as the ROKRVIPER are)
anyway this is only his son... 

The sound is great (i hope so...)
i edit the gaintable so it become more boomBASStics
if there any cracky sound it is b'coz the files

Unlimited Video Recording on TFlash
(but no fullscreen playback yet)
my next intentions are to make:
- E398 ROKR support animation background and Fullscreen
(hope i have the power to do that soon)

WebSession are in Indonesian Network

- babyVIPER by Myself
- Samurai by ZRA
- Zamurai by ZRA
- Maxell (unknown: got it from BG ROKR 42R)
- xdsgnblack by xdsgn
- MModders v.10 fixed (from this site that i love most)

here are the skins screenshots:

babyVIPER skins Screenshot

iTunes enabled (if you cracked, no need to crack it again) (sorry @stitch.studioz "i love iTunes")
Cool ringtones & deletable content
(except the built in skin pics; but can be deleted through p2ktools)

Free Space:  1377 kb
Total memory:  8526 kb

Language Avaliable:
- English
- Francais
- Deutsch
- Italiano
- Espanol
- Nederlands
- Turkce
- Portugues

Lots of Java Apps

There is no known bug yet....
(Hope there won't be any....)
if There any... please inform me, brotherz...

If there is any author of all the media that included in this MP that
wanted to be removed or added, PM me (i'll updated the contain)
and my apology for not askin' your permission 1st.

Actually i want to launch it with my own LP "Bahasa Betawi"
it's my mother language... i'm son of batavia
(but i don't have the time right now)
maybe i could release it after this....

big thanks and credits to:
ZRA  |  Bobzilla  |  BodyGuard  |  TomeQ  |  Abomination  |  Muncheno
EXP  |  Eclipse398  |  xdsgn  |  RazerM  |  Philippetrov  |  Sudadi
Diditnya  |  ShadowPhantom  |  Jason123  |  Fearsim  |  Lightworker
E398moderator  |  Manalive  |  Refayat  |  Stitch.studioz....

and others that i can't mention one by one....
Thank you brothers master... 4 makin' me smarter than b4
This forum really rocks

P.S.: I made this with flashbackup
(i use the easiest way... if you're not sure that this will not kill
your phone, don't use it)
or fullbackup b4 you try
- if there is someone willing to makin' me the MP
from my backup i would be verry happy (if it is proven that this MP
kill your phone or i made it on wrong way)

Flash it @ your own risk...

Download @: HERE

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Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 May 2006 )
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