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Anaphalist_Re80rn 2.0
Monday, 15 May 2006


Global Preview :

JBenchmark 2.1.1 = 38 (after flash)
Total Phone Memory 8134 Kb
Free To Use 4845 Kb
Cool DRM Icon (Fixed on Airplane, USB, Video Camera)
Sudadi's LP and Font (Similar to R373_6FR_DDs_MP_v4.0_finall)
Fast Network
Fast GPRS Access
Indonesian Websession
New BootSplash Picture
New Java Apps Splash  Screen
PowerBall Startup and Shutdown animation
Cool Startup and Shutdown Sound
Cool Mix vibe and ring Ringtones
Added Video

New Mixed Reborn Skin :

Item Skin (Need For Speed ReBorn Icon)
Oranye Skin (W800i ReBorn Icon)

Java Apps:

+Global Time
+NotePad 4.0
+Colibry Msn Optimized

and Thanx to use this MP...

Best Regard


Thanx to all MP ReBuild
Thanx to all Motolover at Forumponsel
(Someday I hope we Can Make Our 'Pure' MP)

Download HERE

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 May 2006 )
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