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UMF v1.1 MP
Sunday, 19 February 2006

Phone Info as follow:-
x Filename: UMF E398@Rokr v1.1.7z
   (Tools to extract 7z can be found in my Motorola Tools. Or use WinRAR)

x Firmware: R373_G_0E_30_6FR
x Flex: UMF-GIKKLGO000AA0A3 DRM: PCMMod_E398_E1_v1.2

x Video: None (Add yourself)
x video rec: 3gp (Theoritically unlimited, duration depends on spaces + buffer)
[Increase your own by editing seem 004e_0001, but dont use p2ktool. USE XVID32.exe with pk2man or Motokit]

x Sound: 2 imy+16 mp3 cool UMF (provided by Expeditator)
x Picture: 1 screensaver + 25 cool wallpapers (provided by JASON123)

x Video menus: full menu with timer/styles working, resolution, quality, etc.
x Camera: with auto-timer

x Language Pack: Language Package 0024 (UK English, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa
Melayu) [Other LPs can be find in my site]
-For accessing phone book problem for chinese language
First use english language, and goto into phonebook > setup.
Change SORT BY: SPEED NO. Your phonebook should be ok to use in Chinese now.
Then change back to chinese, and goto phonebook > setup > SORT BY: NAME.
Your phonebook now can search by name or speed no or chinese method.
(Sorry, this is the only way to access back you phonebook if blocked)

x Network Band:- Quadband (850/1900 | 900/1800) Speed: Fast
x Phone Space:- 1298KB (free)/ 4900KB

x mma-ucp:- (1)Phonebook (2)Recent Calls (3)Message (4)Webaccess (5)Games&App (6) Multimedia (7)Setting (8)OfficeTools (9)Connections (10)Ringstyles (11)Shortcut
(12)Security (-IM and CHAT available)

x For 3x3 menu or less than 9 icons menu- (9)Connections (10)Ringstyles (11)Shortcut
(12)Security will be in the (9) Extra menu

aV3Razr (RazrOS_v2.0 by BiTStReam 3x4 menu)
Moto-Symbian Extrema (Heavily Modified by me - 4x3 menu)
Mskinner_orange (Fearsim skin - Modified by me -3x4 menu)
pMOTOab (3x4 menu)

x JAVA: Dictaphone 2.01, Opera Mini, Iphone Explorer 1c, Safe, WMedia Player (LP2.0), Piranha, ChessMaster, Midnight Pool, Student Calculator 1.5, Zuma, medieval combat, Might&Magic, Asphalt2, Beach Volley, FIFA 2006, Prince of Persia 4-TTH

x SHORTCUTS: (1)Bluetooth-FindMe (2) Off Bluetooth (3) Ring-Loud (4) Datebook (5)
Calculator (6) Vibrate (7) Alarmclock (8) ShortCuts (9) Fav Skin
x Recent Calls:- Will same number to different row.
x Keypad Popping Sound:- Reduced to minimum.
x Funlight: Come with camera flash enabled
x Light during Charging:- Still on, but lengthen to blink once at every 15 sec
x Calender: start from Sun to Sat.
x Original Sound Player can hide now.
x No Russian Branding on Menu
x Option for sms to store in the SIM or Phone (Default: Phone)
x Call Restriction enabled
x Multiple line –enable (including ringtone/CLIP/barring/etc)
x Resend on sms fixed
x Java suspend/resume problem fix by 6FR
x Removed EMP and MMS Template files

x Default Home Key (Changeable): UP-Calender / DOWN-Phonebook / LEFT-ITUNES /

-TO ACTIVATE ITUNES - Please use TomeQ’s 0371 seem and instruction.
IF you already with the Itunes activated running on E398 (R373…4XR), then no need to
-Music can be upload using Itunes 4.9 only or using Mototunes.

-Other DRM from I398/42R to 45R may have problem, not adviseable to use.

Known bugs:-
-A funny sub menu item in Engineering Menu. It will change to one of the menu item but cannot use. Dun worry it is harmless.

Download "UMF_E398@Rokr_v1.1a MP"

Image hosted by

AxeD - the man doing all the flash/flex stuff
Expediator (ExP) - came out with the idea, main contributors to lots of cool stuff
Jason123 - another major contributor to the cool suff inside the pack
Fearsim - the man behind all those wonderful skins
People who helped us out

-CREDITs/Contibutors: - the man doing all the flash/flex stuff (ExP) - came out with the idea, main contributors to lots of cool stuff - another major contributor to the cool suff inside the pack - the man behind all those wonderful skins
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 January 2007 )
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