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MModders 45R MP
Sunday, 19 February 2006

The "unofficial" MotoModders E398 45R MP

It is MotoModders themed with custom power-on, startup and shutdown screens. I have been working on both a 45R MP and a 6FR (for my E398). Basically unlimited video is not that important to me so that’s why I used 45R. I’ve been testing it for weeks and I’m quite sure it will work great but as with all MP’s I’m interested in the first few people that load it to make sure it’s flawless.

PS This MP is for an E398 not a real ROKR. See my other post for a ROKR MP.

Here's what it includes:
Software: R373_G_0E.30.45R
Flex: MModders_cgV3.6a
Memory: 5312Kb
Free: 976Kb
Download file name: R398_MModders_45R_cgV3.6a_19-Jan-06_.7z
MP file name: R398_MModders_45R_cgV3.6a(19-Jan-06).7z


Custom, but not by me (I'd give credit but I don't know who made it, based on V360 I think)

Font & LP:
Font & LP by DD; Fixed System font with English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese (LP0024 I think).

(1)Phonebook (2)Message (3)Dial Services (4)WebAccess (5)Games & Apps (6)Settings  (7)Security (8) Multimedia (9)Tools (10)Ring Styles (11)Connectivity (12)Shortcuts

Note: For Techno Style menu - (9)Security (10)Ring Styles (11) Connectivity (12)Shortcuts will be in the (9) Extra menu

Home Keys: All keys are reprogrammable
Up: Ring Styles | Down: Phonebook | Left: Personalize | Right: Recent Calls
Softkeys: Left: iTunes | Right: Messages
Smartkey: Video Camera

Skins: all 3x4 menu unless noted
Moto (w/stock red icons) | MotoMac (OS X) | iTigerWB | Neon | StarTrek (Techno style menu) | WinXP (full) | Xbox (Techno style menu) | MModders (default) | Incredibles | Motoskins (Large Menu) | Tux | Indium
Note: All skins were “adjusted” to allow iTunes to look good in hide mode

Quad-band (850/1900 | 900/1800) Speed: Medium | Airplane and Engineering mode: Yes | Has My Network List: Yes | Has Service, Network & Drop tones: Yes

Sounds: 2 imy, 21 mid and 10 mp3 (not removable)
Ring Styles: Loud and Soft preset (Default Soft)
Pictures: 27 extra wallpapers (removable)
Videos: None
Video Recording: full menu with style, flash, resolution, quality, etc.
Camera: with auto-timer and flash

MMS Templates: Yes | Quick Notes: Yes, 7 | Message animations (EMP) hidden properly | MMS: Set Receiving to 30 kb, 100 kb or 300 kb, default is 300 kb

Java Apps:
| Dictaphone | iPhone Explorer | JBenchmark2 | Opera Mini 1.1 | ReadManiac 2.4 | and others

WebSessions: Many, default is Cingular – you can edit (alpha keys work) | Menu thump: NO | Volume: Loud | Calendar: from Sun to Sat | Sound Player can hide | Option for SMS to store in the SIM or Phone (Default: Phone) | Call Restriction enabled | USB: Default Data / Fax Modem | Entry Mode Set: Tap English, iTap English

Download HERE

Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 May 2006 )
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