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New Mix Style 48R
Sunday, 14 May 2006

Name: ~New Mix Style~
Platform: 48R
Total: 9216 kb
Free: 400kb

Patches:Sending the following files over Bluetooth:
txt, exe, rar, wav, zip, fpa, sis, ini, bin, 7z, dat, pat, tmp, pdf, doc, jar
trough the video folder

Full access to file system patch!

Keyboard locking:
lock: menu + green button
delock: menu + red button

Need For Speed bootscreen!

New system sounds!

A lot of java apps!!!:

1)Nfs Most Wanted by Maxim done 4x4
2)Dj Moto by Maxim done 4x4
3)Fire Cube by Stalkera
4)Windows Vista 2 by Linerty
5)Moto Symbyan Renaisense.
7)Ice momo



JBenchmark results:
Image manipulation: 30
Text: 141
Sprytes: 69
3d Transform: 5
User interface: 57

Download HERE

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