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Bluetooth Control PC from GSM
Friday, 28 April 2006


Tutorial by jimmyz: 

Control PC via Bluetooth and USB cable for Motorola phone

With this program we can control mouse cursor and WINAMP.

When you start the program go to traybar.

Standart settings:

For mouse control

Joystick - up, down, left, right
Left home key - left mouse click
Right soft key - right mouse click
Volume key - volume regulate
Smart key - Alt+F4

For Winamp:

0 - turn on
2 - playing track again
4 - previous track
5 - play/pause
6 - next track

You can change keys in settings and in "BTControl".txt
The list of usable commands are in "vk_codes".txt

Get started on WIN SP2

Let your Windows install his own drivers for your BT dongle!
After your phone is conected to PC see who port is using and write it in Settings( "btcontrol.ini" Default is com port3
After that go to Start-Settings-Phone and modem-modem-Standart Modem over Bluetooth
and Add your phone. See again who potr is using and if he'd different change it in "btcontrol.ini"
Connect phone to PC, start program and go

Download HERE 

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