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MotoSound (GPTE)
Friday, 25 January 2008

The newest version of the very advanced gaintable editor in English. All known gaintable secrets are in - very easy to customise! Visit the official website of the author: please support him!

Motorola E398

Download HERE

Changelog RC2 ->
Bug fixes

Changelog -> RC2
Completely new design
Lots of optimizations and improvements

Changelog ->
New design with GUI improvements
Independent addition of parameter in base
Automatic definition of a structure of work and a file (model)

Changelog ->
[NEW] More phone models supported 

Changelog ->
[NEW] Supports L7e, K1 KRZR, Z3 RIZR 

Changelog ->
[NEW] V3i backup
[NEW] Backups of E1000/V3x/E770/KRZR K1
[FIX] Few bugfixes

Changelog 1.1.0 ->
[NEW] The prorgram is now called MotoSound
[NEW] Updated backup database
[NEW] Three new unique paramethers for 3G phones (not valid for E398)
[FIX] Code optimizations

Changelog 1.0.5 -> 1.1.0:
[NEW] Supports 3G phones
[NEW] Profiles available
[NEW] Phone information section
[NEW] Updated design

Changelog 1.0 -> 1.0.5
[NEW] GP Base 1.2.0
[NEW] No use of temp.bin and Langlist.ini
[FIX] Critical patch for saving table to phone memory
[NEW] New MGP format version 2.0
[NEW] New Hex editor 

Changelog PR -> Final:
[NEW] Ability to fix the vibe_sync bug in 6FR, 70R, 79R
[NEW] Autodetect param_table size
[NEW] GP Base 1.1.3 included

Changelog RC5 -> PR:
[FIX] Saving files from hex editor
[NEW] Language option saved in INI file
[NEW] Design improvements
[FIX] Better work with MGP
[FIX] New better way to display list of files
[FIX] Settings saved when reloading program 

Changelog RC4 -> RC5:
[FIX] New error handling engine
[FIX] Optimized code. Fixed few small bugs
[NEW] Ability to choose folder for backups
[FIX] Fixed the Save button in Hex editor (before it was not working)
[FIX] Changed mode of restore files in MGP.
[NEW] Ability to choose size of param_table.bin

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