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Gain table secrets
Friday, 24 March 2006

Original source HERE

what control the bass is the master volume of speaker mp3/ringtone
in offfset 49 and the master control on offset 4C

please notice if you set one of them high..
so you have to reduce the other one

notice in my baby's gaintable the offset 49 goes to 03 - standard
but the master in off. 4C is hacked to 0E (5 step)
this will increase the bass

and if you want to a clearer treble
this is what found by Crash Overburn...
set the vol on offset 49 to 07 then
lower the control on off. 4C to 03 (the logic reverse)

i have done so many experiments with this offset
and you should so ... to suit it your taste...

the other offset will make no difference on controlling
the bass and the treble...
only the 3D sound is controlled by offset 4E (the system tone)
set it to 01 for more surround/treble
set it to 05 for 3D with big bass
set it to 07 to make it loud but crunchy/cracky

updated secret:
if you want also the louder sound....
play around with the master control volume
that is offset 3A6
i suggest not more than A0 (this is the highest and the best)
but.. who knows? speakers of our phones are different...
so set it to whatever you like
(default setting: 08, recommended settings: 09 or A0)

the other offset that interesting is the wiredheadset
on offset 145.... and the master control on offset 148

so if you want a great sound on your headset...
do this:
set volume low to 01 (offset 145) but,
hack the control to 0E (offset 148)

other interesting that you can try is
to set the keypad volume tone
on every part (the external and the wired)
you'll need a seem map by xlr8 to do this...
(thanks in advanced to xlr8 for the great map)

for you who have no experience in hex editing
search a hex editor (i recommend XVI32 which can be found on this site)

Image Hosted by

the step is:
1. Run new p2kTools/p2kcommander
2. refresh the file manager after it is said connected
3.  download the file gain_table.bin in \a\ and save it to ur computer
4. run XVI32 hex editor then open the file that u've downloaded
5. search for the hex address that i mentioned (see the pic
on how to find the address)
6. change the value
7.  save the changed file (save button)
8.  upload it again to your phone in \a\
restart your phone

this is what you've been asking for...
now i reveal the secret..... (it's my experiment)

and if i'm wrong... please forgive me...
this is only an experiment... (but you proof it right?)
with my two gain table... you can compare the result...

Last Updated ( Saturday, 10 June 2006 )
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