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Skins and DRM pack 1
Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Here you can find a lot of skins for your E398 moto. Most of them are 3x4 based and some have descriptions inside the archive. After some time there will be review for each of them.

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DRM Graphics: 

3dDrmByMasyan.rar       22-Feb-2006 01:09   1.6M  
7x7_2beta.rar           23-Nov-2005 11:19   868k  
CyberDRM_v1[1].6.rar    20-Nov-2005 02:47   1.6M  
DRM_BG.rar              24-Dec-2005 01:11   3.2M  
DRM_Moto_Symbian_1-2..> 19-Nov-2005 02:11   1.6M  
E1_Blue_S_Lite_DRM_U..> 19-Nov-2005 02:31   1.9M  
PCMMod_E398_E1_6FR_D..> 24-Dec-2005 01:03   1.8M
R373_ROKR2_DRM_v1[1]..> 22-Feb-2006 01:24   1,74M
Sysmaster-babyVIPER-..> 22-Feb-2006 01:25  1.52M


More will come soon!

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