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OBEX File Manager v1.9.0.71
Tuesday, 02 January 2007

OBEX File Manager is application that will allow you to transfer files between desktop to your mobile and mobile to your desktop. Now works over Bluetooth

Change log:

v1.8.0.55 --> v1.9.0.71
* Fixed "access violation" error then close the program.
* Added some file types in folder view.
* Added MIME-type column in folder view.
* Added image preview of  local files (bmp/jpeg/png/gif).
* New visual freeware components are used (JediVCL): smaller code, freeware, more stable then DevExpress

v1.7.0.53 --> v1.8.0.55
* Fixed folder changing bug: if folder name contains non-english sumbols, then "File not found" exception raises... now fixed (thanks to KEO) ^_^

v1.7.0.45 --> v1.7.0.53
* Some little fixes.
* Splash screen & new icons ;)
* Program tested under my favorite (^_^) Win2000/SP4 WITHOUT ANY ERRORS, but under WinXP/SP2 program crashed at exit ("thread killed... but actually not killed").

v1.6.0.37 --> v1.7.0.45
* Some little fixes: decreased timeouts, visual mini-fixes.
* Program now can work via WIDCOMM-compatible Bluetooth adapters.
* Source codes now available: used Delphi VCL Developer Express components (not included) & TMS Async 32
v1.5.0.25 --> v1.6.0.37
* Some little fixes: safe arithmetic operations, file name special characters, modal message boxes.
* In the UL/DL-window now display elapsed/estimated UL/DL time.

v1.4.0.21 --> v1.5.0.25
* Some little fixes: little IU lock-fixes.
* In the UL/DL-window now display average tranfer data rate.
v1.4.0.1 --> v1.4.0.21
* Some little fixes: "Splitter shutdown application" fixed, debug log window deleted, etc.
v1.0.3.9 --> v1.4.0.1
* New visual interface;
* Autodetection of phone COM-port;
* Some little fixes.

Download HERE


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