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NaNO MotoloverZZ [BORNeo]
Sunday, 30 August 2009

~Borneo Island~
Update libgen 6.5
Remove ActDesk.elf
Add Start menu
DSP mod stereo
2GB ready patch

Added Actdesk 2.6

Update ver DUA
Libgen 6.1
Update the ELF and other configuration, Tunes 4.0
Active desktop 2.5, etc
DSP upgrade for sound quality
Add one video razr2 v8 commercial advertisement

Add new ELF Apps and multimedia stuff

Update libgen to 6.0
Adding some ELF setup

Flex update for JAVA compability
"Canibal" SEEM edit activated ++hope no bugs++
*thanks to Poerhardware aka Redkingmaster

Mp update from NaNO_MotoLoverZZ to NaNO_MotoLoverZZ[2]
Update elfloader to libgen 5.8 for support Tunes 3.9 and LRC Player 1.3
New managing ELF in phone menu :)

Mp is update version from Walkman 2905
Unofficial Motolovers MP theme
Mp made for motolovers contest
Use Different flex
Add new patches

Download E398 version

Download ROKR version

Author: ritza_ll just newbieholic

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