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MP mixed by jzzz
Sunday, 19 April 2009
Motorola E398 and ROKR E1
Monster pack for e398/Rokr e1 with BL 07.D0!
Firmware : R373_G_0E.30.49R
Flex : flex GCKKGLO900SPLA0A3
DSP : 6252A000
GT/PT : Mixed by jzzz (More Bass,try using Walkman headset with make your own connector first)
Syssound : Mixed by jzzz
Tech : Quad-band GSM (850/1900 and 900/1800)
Language : 002E English 6 fonts
Feel the speed,it quite really fast..
For more details and complete description - please check the forums
Download HERE
Last Updated ( Saturday, 25 April 2009 )
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