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Mbuhgakeruh by gayoe
Wednesday, 05 November 2008

Here comes another new and great Monster Pack, this time from the famous modder gayoe!

 Motorola E398 and ROKR E1

 The Monster Pack is well build and very clean in design and features.  Lots of patches and extras are waiting for you :)

Firmware : R373_G_0E.30.49R (based on original firmware)
Flex : MbuhGakEruh (based on flex GCKKGLO900SPLA0A3)
DSP : 6252A000
GT/PT : MbuhGakEruh
Syssound : StarterXP mix
DRM : Speed up to 50-75%
Tech : Quad-band GSM (850/1900 and 900/1800)
Language : 002E English 6 fonts

Thanks about still remembering the StarterXP MP and using the syssounds from it LOL :)

Flash instructions:
1.   Remove TF from phone before flashing
2.   Use BootLoader mode when flashing (press * # Power On)
3.   Copy “Elf” folder to TF after flashing. If you already have “Elf” folder on your TF, then only copy 2 files: elfloder.lib and Lib.o to your “Elf” folder. Replace the old ones with the files that came from folder “Elf” included in this pack MP

Download E398 version

Download ROKR version


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