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MoT0NoVA by juklitinov
Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Motorola ROKR E1 and E398

Monster Pack MoT0NoVA by juklitinov for E398 07.D0 and ROKR 0A.02

This is a powerfull MP with 80+ patches included. It also has the list suite patch (installation of 142 applications - 71 TF+ 71 Phone). It is Elf powered with Tunes ELF by left softkey.

Firmware: R373_G_0E.30.49R
Flex: MoT0NoVA (based on NaNO_Walkman_update)
DSP: 623A500
DRM: nano walkman edit by me
Technology: Quad-band GSM
Language: 002E English 6 fonts no iTap

Phone Memory:
--Free      :  657 kb
--Used      : 8608 kb
--Total     : 9265 kb
- NaNoMoto (from NaNO_Moto49R)
- WongMlaku v1 (mod by kecap aka MATRICE)
- XpressMedia by Tintin (thanks to Zdune)
- Splash v1 (mod by kecap aka MATRICE)
  *use AP skin patch in BG player, just be carefull in installing new skin
Download E398 version
Download ROKR version

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