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Make iTunesDB Using Winamp+iPod Plugin
Friday, 13 June 2008

Make iTunesDB Using Winamp+iPod Plugin
 By ritza_ll

 Motorola E398 and ROKR E1

It's alternative method to created iTunesDB
The Advantages if using this method are:
1.Support Artwork (like real iPod)
2.[May] Unlimited songs (*I have 250more songs on my 1G TF)
3.Fast transfer songs, coz u can use card reader. Doesn’t need data cable like in original iTunes PC
4.Customize folder directory for audio file (the file can see on multimedia>audio, original iTunes can’t do this)
5.Manageable in file naming

Hope you enjoy This

Thanks to:
-Winamp and iPod support developer
-Nalimen aka P4_I_JO aka komplonk (Mas Teguh)
-My love
-All iTunes+Tunes user
-All motomodders in the world

Download HERE

Modded in Indonesia
V rotkeS oratniB
arageN isnatnukA iggniT halokeS
Class 3L-34 GovAcc

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