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NaN0 WalkMaN v.2905 49R
Thursday, 21 May 2009

NaNO_Walkman Update Version 2905
It made for fixed bugs that found on NaNO_Walkman49R

Motorola E398 and ROKR E1 

This MP is for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or ROKR with BL 0A.02 only!!!

Flash program recommended: FlashBackup (version 3 or above)
Tested successfully in E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 and ROKR with BL 0A.02

-->Always Pray & Full Backup before process!

Firmware            : R373_G_0E.30.49R (original firmware)
Flex                        : NaN0_WalKmaN
DSP                 : 6237D700 mod by Me
GT/PT            : GT NaN0 by Me
System Sound          : NaNO sysound
DRM                 : Walkman Edition Edit by Me
Technology          : Quad-band GSM
Language            : 002E English 6 fonts

-Fixed Bugs on CG1
-Remove battery expand 6 indicator
-Fixed Java Heap 1100 (previous version got bugs on corelet)
-Speed data acces on multimedia
-Update elfpack (build use libgen 2.3 for working tunes 2.4.1)
-Change iTunes with 4.53 by Poer (edit the defaulft skin)
-Many more

Repack version updates:
- Battery life is much better
- Fixed bugs on camera capture
- Increased list suite
- Update patches
- Elfpack Build Libgen 3.5

Download the MP for complete description

Special Thx to:
- Special for All walkman series skin n DRM maker
- All motomodders in the world
- All motousers member
- All motolovers member
- Genius Russian Motomodders @,,,,
- gayoe, kecap, Zh@ng-L14ng, zigot, sysmaster, montox, motomaniacs, are_goenk, Nalimen,
 Ahn-jar, Mboent, Herry, Ozz, rahmattaharudin, rotiQ, Seagate, iPunk @
- mig33's Molo (dyrtys_my_luv, motomaniacs, ketchup_aja, rokr_e1, ronnee, enslaved._.666, prince_of_the_damned,
 si.montox, si.zigot, dejayuzz, ianseventh, keaglez, dustin_89, redkingmaster, last.stand, kenzonatra, rheezz, penjaga_pintu_neraka, yellow_azumi, bunga_sefia, si_maniezt, zorvaz, shessoumaru, lanz_gie, tegezan, ary_co_19, de_sebastian007, imander_tempur, kondhil, tx_brown, lyldans, incubusholic, dreamteather, rocktizz, dirgonafis)
- All people who help me on this MP, sory if I can't mention one by one

Hope you enjoy this

Download 2905 E398 version

or 2905 ROKR E1 version

You can also get the old E398 Repack version or the old ROKR E1 Repack version

Users who still enjoy the first version can get the old E398 version or old ROKR E1 version

Modded In Indonesia
V rotkeS oratniB
arageN isnatnukA iggniT halokeS
Class 3L-34 GovAcc

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