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Elfpack v1.0 by Andy51
Thursday, 22 November 2007

ELF is a binary format for linux-based phones. Every program is distributed like independent file. However it have one big advantage over Java - the program is directly using the processor and memory resources, without any virtual machine limitations. In other words - ELF programs are faster programs

FBrowser.elf - File browser. It is not intended to make any file operations - it is dedicated to start other ELF files. You can start it at the place of MotoMixer.

Screener.elf - ELF for taking screenshots  Big alternative of MSnap. You will make a screenshot by pushing the photo button and you will get  /b/screen*.bmp file in your phone memory - Open via notepad and you will see the list of ELF files that will load on system startup. Currently we set FBrowser there (important, because you must be able to start it from the menu).

elfloader.lib - Library for all volunteers to be developers - currently 110 functions.

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