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A603NK v.2
Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Firmware : R373_G_OE.30.49R
Flex : AreGoenk
Language Packs : LP 002E (Multifont)
DSP : 6235A500
DRM : are_goenk's customized DRM

Motorola E398 and ROKR E1
* Click on the image in order to enlarge it

Main Features:
- Autokeypadlock (can be enabled and disabled using Synerj Tools)
- Flashlight by pressing **
- Full s/w access from java (works with Synerj Tools, GP editor, etc.)
- Added 5 new symbols on key 1
- Auto SMS delivery report 1.18
- Change zoom when viewing picture: 50%=250% and 75%=200%
- Name and time in the list of alarm clock (fix)
- Store photo without menu
- Java midlet display timeout
- No delete Recent Calls history on SIM change
- Java with the cable works
- Many others (check the forum for more details)

Download HERE

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