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MotoMusiQ v2 46R
Thursday, 07 June 2007

MotoMusiQ v2 for E398 by jithinsk

"So it continues"

Hi all,this is the second version of my MotoMusiQ MP for e398.. Thank you for all those who tried v1 and gave their opinions.. This time its gonna be based on the Montox reflash of latest elektro mod v0.4a4.. Even though its not a stable firmware yet,I liked its features such as multiple menu structure so that you dont have to use file changer anymore on changing skins.

Also for the first time,this MP features different DRM icons (such as iTunes,video cam,USB etc) for different skins.. Thanx to M3 guyz..

This time also the credits should go to the authors of the skins that I used in this MP eventhough I dont know some of the their names.. And there is a skin by me...

Now here is whats inside..

S/W version : R373_G_0E_30.46R

Flex Version: MotoMusiQ

DSP S/W version:6235A500

Language list: 0021

There are some good mp3 sounds and wallpapers within..
The startup and shutdown animations are good ones,but do not work well with this firmware due to its poor animations playing capabilities.. You can try your own..

Again,this MP features dual corelets.But this time its virtual corelet(English) and iTunes rev 1.4 beta..I have edited the langpack to display it as VC/iTunes. No java midlets

Virtual corelet (menu + 0) and iTunes (menu + 4)

Skins : Windows vista (3*4)
Dark'Archer (1*1)
Pine3 (3*4)
Mac (3*4)
Motosymbian green (3*3)

No need to change mma_ucp on each skin change..

Sounds : 18
Wallpapers: 20
videos : None
java aaps : none

keypad lock- menu + menu
unlock- menu + *

Firmware features: SMS delivery always on
Flashlight shortcut: **
Bluetooth availabilty time: 3 min
Backlight time control & display time out works at running java midlets
Added new characters entry : ± ½ ¼ ² ° (on key 1)
Left soft key is 'Send' (message) on phonebook
no store menu after camera capture (you just need to hit 'Save' on right soft key once to store
your photo)

Other Features : Display goes completely blank on time out (saves battery)
50 dialed and received calls
video rec in mp4 format
Decrease volume without entering sounds menu
MotoSpeed enhanced DRM


Free : 728 Kb
Used : 8440 Kb
Total: 9169 Kb


Motorola E398 and ROKR E1
* Click on the image in order to enlarge it in new window


- Skin authors
( Archer for Dark'Archer ,leung208 for windows vista, unknown guys for mac and motosymbian green)
- elektro255
- Montox for the reflash
- pizaddox619 for IR
- Valleo for VC
- All others in M3 and MoMo forums

Download HERE

Most probably,this might be my last MP.. Thanx to all..

Mail me at: jithinsk @ rediffmail com

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