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Autokeylock Reflashes 4xR
Monday, 09 April 2007

Original reflash with patch autokeylock, java full access system, flashlight shortcut * + *

This reflashes are based from original firmware, not based from elektro.
You can change full bootscreen picture, system sound, files over BT, or else easily like before.

All credits goes to Elektro255, the first person who made it happened and Montox (a.k.a. from Indonesian Motolovers, who made the patches.

For E398 :

For E1 ROKR :
(Reflash for E1 ROKR has already Removed RSA)

1.)  to turn autokeylock ON/OFF just select Setting-->Initial Setup-->Display Timeout ON/OFF, because autokeylock is triggered when Display Timeout goes out.
2.)  in some cases, if your phone doesn't get autokeylock when Display Timeout is showed, try edit SEEM 0032_0001 offset 7C bit 2 to show Signal, Battery, Time when display goes blank

Big thanks to gayoe for shareing this!

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