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MotoSetup 0.7
Sunday, 18 March 2007

New multifunctional P2K software.

1. Program can provide full details for the connected phone: 70 parameters of the OS, timers and other. Much more than even Radiocomm.
2. Can switch device modes for the computer with ease.
3. Can edit seems with ease directly on the phone.
4. The seem editor have two windows - old and updated seem.
5. File manager has new unique feature - it loads file without knowing the file sizes (eg loading file lists three times faster!).
6. In AT-terminal the phone can load list with supported phone model commands and have ability to remember new
7. Program can manage the phone display settings.
8. Synchronizes your clock via p2k mode.
9. Manages vibration.
10. Voltage and lots of other battery and phone hardware statistics
11. Manages the audio settings on the phone: input, output, codecs, volume levels, system sounds.
Download HERE

Motorola E398 and ROKR E1
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