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Animated Wallpaper by LFM
Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Hi people! This isn't a new function in Motorola phones, it's just a visual trick that simulate an "animated background"...

I have this idea while I was discovering the hidden IDs of Skinner4moto...


First, we need Skinner4moto LFM, my spanish version, the most complete over the world (verified), now, once openned, click on Opciones (Options) and select your Partición de Skin (Skin partition):
if your phone have /c/ select it, else /a/...

Now, the language Español )_ )= )v( (Spanish )_ )= )v() and the phone model )_ )= )v( v620 (no matter which phone each one of us posses, )_ )= )v( v620 works with all the 176x220 phones, if you have a 240x320 phone select your own profile, copy it from your skinner4moto version)

Then, close Skinner4moto, to save registry changes and open the skin you want to modify, for example LFM Army. Open it...

Once you have the image you want to use as animated background, in this case:

Copy it into the gifs folder skinner4moto created while openning the skin with this name 573.gif it's very important to do this because here is when we add our animated background...

Now check out the image dimensions, in this case 176x120, we must now locate it in the screen...

Go to Posición/Tamaño (Location/SIZE) and look for ID 572, now to set the upper-left corner give values to Izquierda (Left) and Arriba (Up), to locate the lower-right set the Ancho (Width) and Alto (Height) values:

* click on the image to enlarge it

Now, go to Si/No Booleanos (Yes/No Booleans) and activate the ID 599 by giving the TRUE value:

* click on the image to enlarge it

Save the skin as complete or light skin, it doesn't matter...

Be careful with this:
•Leave 16 pixels for the status bar (signal, batery, etc.)
•Leave 21 or 22 pixels for the soft buttons bar (see the files heights to know this)
•Do not superimpose the date rectangle
•Do not superimpose the digital clock rectangle
•Do not superimpose the analogic clock rectangle
•Do not superimpose the 8 IDs that controls de 4 Navigation Keys (also used by Mediaviewer and iTunes)
•If you are listening to music in hide mode with Mediaviewer or have Informer pluggin activated, it won't be shown
•If you are listening to music in hide mode with iTunes, it won't be shown

The results:

The pros and cons:

•The image is included in DAT2 file, so, you cannot change it from the phone.
•The animation (GIF) shouldn't contain any transparent colour, it won't be shown, (I'm still working on it).
•Only works with the selected skin, if we change it, we'll lost the animated background.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 February 2007 )
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