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iTunes Revolution by Pizzadox619
Wednesday, 13 December 2006

iTunes Revolution
Created by Pizzadox619
Motorola E398
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- Fast loading when open plugin
- iTunes and plugins translated into full English
- Modified MediaViewer 2.2.3??
- Updated MediaViewer Language
- Updated Skin Changer
- Updated Recorder
- Fixed iTunes Rhythm Lights bug
- Fixed iTunes Hide mode bugs
- Renamed ???? (All songs playlist) to All songs
- Renamed All songs to All, like original iTunes (iPod)
- Renamed Unknown Album to "blank", not bug in categories
- Renamed Unknown Artist to "blank", not bug in categories
- Fixed splahscreen bug, if wrong skin / ResourceDB
- etc.

New features:
- Delete songs from iTunes
- Press 0 to Unload iTunes
- Open Plugin only, at Main Menu
- Press * to hide iTunes
- Autoplay music
- Play when Charge

Skin path: b/iTunes/Skins/xxxx/ | 'xxxx' is name of the skin
Sound Recorder dir. :   b/mobile/audio/
MedaViewer skin dir. :   b/iTunes/MVskin/
iTunes Skin Changer dir. :   b/iTunes/Skins/xxxx/
         'xxxx' is name of the skin   * USE iTunes Revolution ResourceDB
0 - Exit Plugin
* - Hide to background

Special thanks to: Motorola, Apple, Vassio, Valleo, and iTunes modders.

Download HERE

iTunes Revolution Update 1
Created by Pizzadox619
 - New default skin            ( Modified from iTunes Standart skin by Collapse )
 - New! iTunes Hide Mode Animation      ( Thx to Realone25 and Antrix )
 - Translated SMS@Sender into full English    ( Failed Message )
 - Updated MediaViewer
 - Changed MV shortcut c/mobile/picture/ to b/mobile/audio/
 - Changed Sound Recorder dir.       ( b/ to b/mobile/audio/ )
 - Fixed MediaViewer Revolution bug      ( MV modified very stable now )
 - Fixed other bugs

New Feature:
 - iTunes Hide Mode Animation

Made in Indonesia

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 13 December 2006 )
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