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StarterVista by darknesswizard530160
Wednesday, 13 December 2006

- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.49R
- Flex:Starter Vista
- DSP : 623BAB00
- Technology:Quad-Band GSM

-Total Space-8.1MB
-Used Space-2.6MB
-Free Space-5.4MB

-4 Sounds
-15 Vista Wallpapers
-0 Videos

Language Pack:
- Small Font by Jordan 002E

-Aero Vista
-Vista Explorer

Motorola E398   Motorola E398  

-Vista DRM

iTunes Music Player:
-MediaViewer and Phone Manager Plugin
-Unlimited Song Capacity
-Light Show in Hide Mode when Camera Button is Pressed

Motorola E398   Motorola E398 

Gain Table:
-Ultra Sound by Sysmaster

Java Apps:
-GT Editer
-Opera Mini
-Phone Manager
-Mini Commander

Start Up and Shut Down:
-Vista Startup and Powerdown sounds

Motorola E398   Motorola E398
* the images are not looping. Save them to your desktop to see the animation

Download version for Motorola E398 HERE

IvanChe(Without him,this MP would not have been like this!)
tvIse(VistaExplorer Skin)
farsh_cannabis(Aero Vista skin and iTunes)

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