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MotoLangEditor 2.5.3
Tuesday, 04 August 2009

Author: Dimka / Iceman 

This is the best and most advanced font editor ever made for Motorola E398.

Download HERE

Tutorial by chick1440 :

1. Open SHXCodec and split any stock E398/ROKR/v3 Language Pack.
2. Open MotoFontEditor and open the cg4 file.
3. Zoom to you comfort level.
4. Click No.2 at bottom table. (If you are editing the inner screen font, this will show all the characters)
5. At the top right table, click the first row (Unicod 0021). Scroll down to the last row and holding the "shift" key click the last row (Unicod F087). All the characters will be selected.
6. Now click Processing
A. Click Select windows font. This will bring up the Windows Font dialog box. Select the desired font (note that if windows font does not show the special characters then those characters in the phone will not be changed > it will remain stock)
B. Now click Replace the chosen symbols.
You will see the characters being replaced. Wait till all the replacement are done.
C. When replacement is completed, click Optimize the chosen symbols on width.
(If you want to change the fonts like numbers, Outer LCD Clock, etc, select the respective choice at the bottom table and repeat the process from point 5)
7. Save the langpack. Close MotoFont Editor.
8. Recompile the shx using SHXCodec:
A. Open up SHXCodec...
B. Split the source...
C. Click on cg4 and then click replace..
D. Locate your custom cg4 from erlier and click ok...
E. Recompile the shx and flash to your phone...
That should be it, although there will be checksum errors...

A big thanks to DXFactor who worked with me on this... so don't give me all the credit...

Also thanks to woody who translated some stuff for me as the original page was in russian.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 04 August 2009 )
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