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SHXtoEXE 1.3
Wednesday, 03 January 2007

The program was developed by n0wheremany.
This is a software that will help all monster pack creators to distribute their flash files in EXE with build in flasher instead of SHX file. That will skip all n00b questions like "how do I flash my phone" and also it will not require any additional flashing software. The compilled EXE is in English, however the building software is not, so below is picture tutorial.

Download HERE

1. Open MotoSHXtoEXE.exe. Click on Next

Motorola E398

2. Write the name of the flash

Motorola E398

3. Type:
a) Version
b) About
c) Bootloader (07D0 default)
d) Platform
e) Flex
f) Backup address range
g) Click Next

Motorola E398

4. Start adding the code groups
a) CG#
b) Address
c) Flag
- Set 1 if you are using the RamLDR by Vilko
- Set 2 if you are using the RamLDR by Achy
d) Choose the codegroup bin
e) Add the group

Motorola E398

5. Repeat for all codegroups and click Next. Type the name of the exe and save

Motorola E398

6. Click NO

7. Start the EXE file that you created, test it and then distribute it

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 January 2007 )
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