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Moto Super Fun v2 48R
Thursday, 29 June 2006

Motorola E398 

- S/W : R373_G_0E.30.48R
- Flex: Moto Super FUN V2
- DSP : 623BAB00
- 800/1800/1900 Band
- Lang :0021 (R373_LP_0021 New Thank.. bogbag)
- DRM: New SuperFUN_Mix By Me

- Total Space: ~5.5MB, Used Space: ~2.7MB, Free Space: ~2.8MB ( Deleted JAVA For Up Space…)

-iTunes: 2.8 New
New/Latest edition:
- Skin Changer is working now
- Latest Image Viewer
- Full 100% English

2 boot loaders:
- First normal default boot loader "*"+"#"+"red button"
- Second special 07.D0 boot loader that can work even if battery is low you can run special boot loader holding 1sec. "RED Button" Than pressing "GREEN Button"

Startup&Shutdown animation Picture & sound: FUN FUN
- new animation/sounds Moto Super Fun V2

-New Good bootscreen Moto Super Fun V2

-3 Skins:
* Crystal (3x4 menu) ** Default **
* White Symbian New (4x3 menu)
* VN Newstar (1x1 menu)

-New javas Applications ...Free
-New games... Free

-Tripples MMM New Mix Gain Table with Good 3D Sound And vibe files

- New Sound Keypad

Download HERE


- Bogbag ( For Lang :0021 )

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 August 2006 )
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