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Integral - MP3 Player 1.1.44
Friday, 20 October 2006

Java based MP3 player which remembers the last position of the last stop (which song and which second of play). This is done by saving special temp file. You can view list of folders and files or you can use the main menu update database feature

Like Light Player you can choose in which folders your files are located and what extentions they are. As mentioned before you can save the status of the files between sessions
Another great thing is that it is "dual-platform" - it supports both R372 and JSR75 (R373)

This Java application supports two languages - English and Russian. It also supports cyrilic MP3 tags
The interface does not depend on the screen size (elements automatically adjusts) - that means that it will be no problems to implement this application to other JSR75 based phone!

Download HERE

Motorola E398

Big thanks to the author Inlined! His website is


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