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Vassio iTunes 22.06.2006
Thursday, 22 June 2006

- No iShell
- New menu options "Update DB", "Settings" and "Change Skin"
- Start MediaViewer and File Manager from main menu
- Works without flash and sim card
- No song limits!
- Delete melodies with "*" in the main menu of iTunes
- Change skins from flash card

Motorola E398 Motorola E398

Motorola E398 Motorola E398

 Motorola E398 Motorola E398

Important: Do not directly replace the ResourceDB! Use the one in the archive as a template to redo it!

Download HERE

Update 22.06.2006
- Option to change skin from flash card or itunes archive
- Deleting songs with * from main list
- If skin is not loaded properly you can press * to revert to default
Update 17.06.2006:
- Ability to create plugins
- Settings menu with new grafic interface
Update 12.06.2006:
- Fixed skin changing
- Fixed skin loading

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 August 2006 )
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