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BabyViper growin' up
Sunday, 19 February 2006
now the babyVIPER is growin' up...


- a little bit faster (i guess) ; still don't have fullscreen
- Skins: babyVIPER(fixed; soul request), Zamurai, Moto3Dnew, xdsgn,
   WindowsXp(requested by Gaixixon)
- added cool ringtone (technos and one bollywood)
- if the bass too loud then.. it's fixed

Lots of games less applications... (thanks malas for the url)

free space is 1149kb
coz the 3d skins takin' the space (but i love it)

Almost cover the Languages....
- Russian (thanks 4 the file @crack force) hope this is right
- English
- Indonesian (Bahasa) still not in Batavia
- French
- German
- Italian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Arabic
- Ukrainian

Sorry 4 the chinese...
i try to updated that but always corrupted (any suggestion)
i'll recompile the LP myself if there's good r373 based lp...

Thanks again for the master...
New startup and shutdown animation!!!....

@time.studioz: i haven't receive the e-mail yet
thanks anyway 4 your attention bro!

Download | the babyVIPER growin'up |

and for you that want the reflash file of the language of
Hebrew download it Here (the language that changed was French)

Hope this worth enough 4 you guys...
the baby is still learnin'....
so please give him a good teach....
and sorry if this broke your phone....
(reported in 1 person FP and 2 person in MoMo)

big thanks & credits:
as always... ZRA!!!
the mafia, and the modders...
thank you all!!!

Motorola E398 is the best phone in the world!

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 03 January 2007 )
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