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Lighterian Angel 44R
Sunday, 19 February 2006
1. using 4 skin, Motovista, Galaxybounce, magic and zkethchx "set as moto", all have different icon that's why i like it... and all using 3x4 menu and master reset or master clear will not change the menu...

2. Quadband Gsm, can access 850/1900 and 900/1800 and shown operator bts which is you use.

3. Startup sound standard "i like the vibrate that comes from it", powerdown sound is from matrix Ost. startup and powerdown animation using Motovista.

4. Video recording 90seconds.

5. Games full... there is 29 games and aplications in this MP... to much so i can't tell you what are they.

6. Using Lp A121, my own custom, it's English, Rusian, France, and indonesian.

7. Total Space is 5.436kb and free space is 250kb. But you can make more space by deleting from your phone any sound or video and pic that you don't like

Changed exposure to Brigthness when using camera.

9. Funlight my custom with flashlight on to make this phone funkies. but not make the batery drying fast, overal the phone standby is 3days.

10. Not too agresive in sound but it's loud enough.

11. This mp using 44r flash and 44r flex unbranded from rogers and unbraded again by me... LOL...

12. MMS and websesions are for indonesian operator...

Download it HERE

i hope you all have fun with this MP...


Last Updated ( Sunday, 14 May 2006 )
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