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MotoVCL for Delphi 2.2.8
Thursday, 29 March 2007

Delphi component for work with Motorola phones. Now includes additional support for L7e, Rizr, V3xx, V6, E2 and many others!

Download Delphi 7
Download Delphi 6

Download LDRTools
Download SHXExtract

Components for Delphi for work with phones Motorola.

* The list of components:TMotoATMode - the Component for work with phone in mode АТ
* TMotoP2KMode - the Component for work with phone in mode P2K
* TMotoMMCMode - the Component for work with phone in mode MMC (FlashCard)
* TMotoFlashMode - the Component for work with phone in Flash a mode

* Current opportunities TMotoATModeSearch of devices
* Opening, Closing of the device
* Switching in P2K and OBEX a mode
* ShutDown, blocking of phone
* Sending, reception АТ of commands

* Current opportunities of component TMotoP2KModeSearch of devices
* Switching in АТ, Flash, Suspend Modes
* ShutDown, Restart phone
* Search of files on a mask, delete of files, Copying of files in phone and from phone
* Reading, record Seem
* Pressing of keys in phone
* Work with the camera of phone (to make a picture of a different format)
* The control of audio (enable/disable parameters)
* Reception of the extensive information on phone (Model, Flex, PDS, IMEI, IMSI, Keys of blocking, Platforms, DSP, Hardware, LangID, Release, GPS Chipset and 32 more kinds)

* Current opportunities TMotoMMCModeSearch of devices
* Opening, Closing of the device
* Some additional information on the device
* Switching in АТ, P2K and OBEX a mode

* Current opportunities TMotoFlashModeSearch of devices
* Opening, Closing of the device
* ShutDown, Restart phone
* Sended the loader
* Creation Backup
* Clearing of memory
* Flashing BIN files
* Sending, reception of commands
* Reception of model, name flex, IMEI phone and the version bootload

* The list of additional files in archive\Ldr \LdrTools.exe - the program for generating the loader with the chosen addresses for an insertion. Has an opportunity to look through code groups for different platforms
* \Ldr \ShxExtract.exe - the program taking from files of insertions (SHX) the chosen code groups.
* \Demo\ - the folder of a demo of files on all components, allowing to appreciate work and opportunities of components


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