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RadeonWabi - Black Monster
Monday, 08 May 2006


Just flash and feel the difference among a lot of MPs.

This MP is the best MP you have ever seen.

Thank you for choosing the MP RadeonWabi Back Monster.
Phone support: Motorola E398 , E398@E1
Flash with MFF 1.8 , FlashBackup 2.62 , RDS Lite

Flex: Radeon&Wabi
SW: R373_G_0E.30.48R
DSP: 6242A200
Technology: GSM 900/1800-1900
Lang :0024 without iTap (English + VietNamese)
DRM: Edited by Radeon

- Total Space: 5107kb
- Used Space: 4530kb
- Free Space: 576kb



New skins:

VN E1pink


VN W398


VN Win4Moto




Skin maker:  Wabi -

Instruction to use skins:

Each skin was divided scientifically into three tabs. You can use Joystick to move upward and downward between tabs and also move to the left and right to use functions in each chosen tab.


Skin editor with iShell skin Vista

Itunes Tranlated English 32767 Songs
- Update Database automatically
- Auto play with a lot of features or no need to have seem inside.

- Alam SMS
- The light in both sides of phone can synthesize with playing music.

- To hide iTunes, just press Smart key
- Synthesize with iTunes 6
- Full Tranlated Into English ( Up date data Base in complete English)
- More interesting features.


01. Atlantic Battle
02. Bejewled
03. Block Breaker Deluex
04. Collaspse!
05. Metal Slug
06. Mission Impossible III
07. Rebels
08. Sexy Poker 2006
09. XO
10. Zuma

01. Clock
02. Converter
03. Dictaphone
04. JBenchmark2
05. Note XP
06. OperaMini
07. Phone Manager

New Feature:
-  To lock phone, press Menu button and menu button instead of pressing Menu + * button

-  Change SIM without lost messages that was an error of previous MP

-  Optional Smart key. You can choose Smart Key is Voice record or other functions without editing seem and you can use Smart Key to active Updating iTunes Data Base (iTunesDB).

-  Very easy to transfer files via Blue tooth with nine (9) popular formats: Jar, rar, zip, doc, txt, wma, pdf, bin, exe if these files were located in Video folder on Phone or Transflash.

-  New sound key board

- New and beautiful stand by Clock with special feature including: Display date and time with a big clock (Digital or Analog), notify time with English voice, display your notes in stand by screen.

Instruction to active new stand by screen:
1. Settings- >Javasetings-->Set standby app--> Clock (swich to clock)
2. Settings-> Initail Setup---> Display Timeuot---> off (swich to off)

You will have a new stand by screen


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