General Info

I am making skins for regular 176x220 phones only, like: e398,e1,l7,v3,v3i,v360 etc. Download links are also available from my SkyDrive, always in ZIP format. Mega thanks to MotoHell admin Exploited for giving me this webspace ;)

WARNING: Use these files at your own risk! I shall not be held responsible if installing these skins kill the target subscriber unit. Please backup your phone before installing skins.

My other projects

I also made a few flash files for my moto.

DRM's and LP's, let me show you:

Fresh News

1st: I agree that anyone may use my skins in MP's including modding.

2nd: I am retired skinner. I graduated from school and I do not have much free time, sorry.

3th: I am currently working with graphics and I love it.

4th: I decided to add a new bookmark called "Siggs." There you can find my newest works.

Finally: I just wanna thank all of you guys. I appreciate all of your help.