Convert V80 to ROKR E1 firmware
- Fix the keymapping (currently Vilko adapted 48R from E1 to work with V80)
- Fix the display lights

1. Download PDS.rar and dump.rar. Unrar them
2. Make full backup and PDS backup. Charge your phone battery to full
3. First flash E3982ROKR firmware, but not that IT HAS TO BE 48R!
4. In SHXCodec 2.66 click on ADD Bin and add dump.bin
5. At start address (HEX) add 10040000
6. Type OK and then Flash
7. After the flash it is very important to "restore" the 10010000.bin (from the PDS.rar attached below)
8. Turn on your phone and test

GET dump.rar

WARNING: We do not take any responsibility if you break your phone...

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